How to apply Protection Bike Kits


Recommendation for preparation before applying

Prepare a whole place before starting, no matter where you are, but this is your moment, put on music, a video (wear headphones so they don’t bother you) or anything that lets you enjoy the moment alone you have with your bike.

  1. Clean the surface of the bicycle that looks like someone who is in love came to buy it for you
  2. Find a place where you will apply Protection Bike: you will wet the floor, you will throw papers on the ground, you will move around the bike.
  3. Have a clean table nearby to keep my product of the highest quality that you can find in the market for a fraction of the price, respect me, do not tell me later that the product has bubbles or hairs, sand, it does not adhere. That I already know that it does not happen, if you do it well.
  4. It would be nice if you remove the wheels and chain, but in doing so don’t get the surface dirty with grease, oil, Teflon, or whatever you use as a lubricant.
  5. Clean the bike again, I know you made the bike dirty since you did all of the above. When looking at it from various angles, it has to shine evenly
  6. Fix the bike so that it does not move on a bike stand, but if you do not have it yet (but you want it), protect the components of the handlebar and the seat, and put it upside down, for the lower and rear protections, It will also help you to see where the stones or obstacles hit you.
  7. Make sure the bike doesn’t move, or you’re going to yell rude words, and I don’t want you to mention my mother

* No animal, person or alien participated or were injured to produce this product.

* Some of the descriptions may not be true to make the product more interesting.

* It can be applied dry, but the finish is not always the same.

Application recommendations (yes, recommendations, because the kit is yours, and you apply it as you want)

Only now are you going to start installing these things @ProtectionBike, don’t forget to follow me on social media, sometimes I get creative and give things away.

  1. Open the package, if you opened it before, make sure to clean something that is stuck by static or leaving it on the ground.
  2. Put 3 drops of dish detergent from your mother, husband or wife (your baby’s shampoo also works) in the mini bottle, and add water. Make sure there is no detergent on the outside of the bottle, and yes, shake it until the mixture is homogeneous.
  3. The cloth and plastic tool that are exclusively for Protection Bike, do not use it to apply other brands. Leave them near you, next to the protections.
  4. Study each of the parts in the drawing I made you, there are the suggestions for using the protections, you have to know what you are doing, this is not the time to improvise.
  5. Now, to install, read this in full before proceeding, and wash your hands!
    1. Wet the surface of the bike with the sprayer
    2. Peel off a protective pre-cut and wet the glued side with 1 to 3 shots of water depending on the size (leave it very wet, don’t be afraid)
    3. Now before applying, dry with the microfiber cloth 1 time on the surface of the wet bicycle, drying it.
    4. Position the protection piece in the place that you think is good, and now move it until you are sure that this position is correct
    5. When you are sure, from one edge, or from the center of the pre-cut piece, use the squeegeer and the cloth, until all the bubbles are removed, after the first piece, send a photo or a video to your friends! shouting how good Protection Bike is and tag me!
    6. If you have hair or sand under the sheet, remove the Protection with surgical care, clean, re-wet with 1 shot of splash and remove the bubbles again.
    7. I cut several more pieces, so that you do not claim, but more importantly, so that in areas that you think something could scratch such as a brake hose, hit or where you frequently support the bicycle, you have Protection Bike and you do not remove a piece of happiness or painting
  6. At the end, I recommend using a good scissors to cut the pieces that you think can be useful for you, cut out special shapes and paste them in other places, sooner or later you will thank me for this, when Murphy’s law does its thing, and Hit where you thought it could hit, but you didn’t do something for it.

Now that you are happy to have done this, proud of yourself, and with a huge desire to go to show what we did and show off your protection with or without designs, order everything that is not in its place, so that they give you permission to go rolling and nobody put problems

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